AGV Sport Modular

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AGV Sport Modular
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SHARP Rating: AGV Sport Modular

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Key Features: AGV Sport Modular

Double D-Ring
Carbon Fibre
2 years

For and Against: AGV Sport Modular

We've scoured the internet for owner's reviews and these are the key things they like and don't like about the AGV Sport Modular.

  • Light weight
  • You can lock the visor in the open position
  • Good venting
  • Solid chinbar latch
  • Noisy
  • No built-in provision for Bluetooth
  • Some don’t think it is plush enough

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Description: AGV Sport Modular

The first SportModular helmet in the world: the performance of a full-face helmet along with the comfort of a modular. This specific structure, entirely built in Carbon Fiber (shell and chin), achieves the same protection performance of MotoGP’s Pista GP R in an incredibly lightweight construction combining the highest levels of comfort and safety. Designed to offer a horizontal view of 190 ° as the human eye capability, SportModular was designed for superior quietness, aero-stability and ventilation in the wind tunnel.


Comfortable lightweight, flip-front helmet

First impressions are really good. It looks great and is noticeably lighter than my other flip front helmet (Nolan N100). Inside doesn’t feel quite as plush as the Nolan but it’s still been comfortable to wear, although I’ve only wore it for 20 -30 min commutes so far. The field of view is excellent, this is something I was struggling with while wearing the Nolan on my sportsbike. 

It’s a very stable helmet, I’ve not found this to be an issue with any other helmets but this is a much smoother helmet in the wind than anything else I’ve worn in 13 years of riding. The flip front is easy to open and close, although I find two hands are needed to close it or the chin curtain folds up inside the helmet. The visor mechanism is good too. I like that it can be secured in a cracked open position. 

The ventilation is excellent. Some reviews have commented on the wind noise but I haven’t found it to be any different to my Nolan N100 or the Caberg Duke. I don’t wear ear plugs for my commute, which includes national speed limit roads and opportunities to stretch the legs of a sportsbike and it is noisy but no worse than I am used to. For all other journeys ear plugs are a must. Overall I’m really impressed. I’m not sure I could have spent £600 on it (even knowing now how good it is) but at £300 it’s excellent value for money. Richard K, SportsBikeShop customer

Definitely not a Neotec but that’s not a bad thing

First, I will preface this review by saying I bought this helmet not from Revzilla, but at a huge discount from a different distributor. Having last owned a first-generation Shoei Neotec for about 5 years and 50k miles, I was in the market for a replacement.

I tried on the Neotec 2 and was impressed with it, but the built-in SRL requirement was a dealbreaker as I already had a Sena 20s and did not want to spend an additional $300 for the same functionality. Listening to the awesome reviews here, I went ahead and ordered the AGV SportModular for roughly 1/2 MSRP.

First impressions: This helmet is light. So light, in fact, that it almost feels cheap (unimpressive plastic trim doesn’t help). With the traditional line of modulars, weight gives the impression that helmets are solid and well built. Good thing the 3k Carbon Fiber is exposed or you could easily believe this helmet is all plastic from the weight. To that end, the carbon fiber shell is beautifully well made, the hinge mechanism is unbelievably thin, and the chin bar has a very positive latch when closed. The visor, while the lack of positions is a bit disappointing, does offer an extremely wide view. The sunshade is a bit lighter in tint than the Neotec, but offers similar functionality. The vents feel as everyone says, but they do function well.

The fit: I came from a comfortable fit in a Shoei Medium to a comfortable fit in the SportModular Medium. The pad placement is a bit different, however. The AGV pads end farther back on your face, leaving you without the chupmunk-face I got from the Neotec. Combined with the lack of weight, I feel less overall pressure on my head in the AGV. 

I also noticed initially that the rear of the comfort liner would pull out every time I removed the helmet, but I later found that the two rear tabs had not been locked in. After correctly inserting them, the helmet functioned fine. As noted, the top pad is reversible for different weather, but as it touches my hair and not my skin I can’t imagine that will make any real difference. I was disappointed that the side/ neckroll was not reversible.

Riding impressions: I will note that I ride a Multistrada with a windshield, so my helmets are not exposed to undisturbed wind. That said, a jet of air typically hits the top of my helmet and top vent. Compared to the first-gen Neotec, this AGV is LOUD. Obviously, AGV was focused on making a lightweight helmet, foregoing some of the sound-deadening material found in other helmets. When riding without wind-protection, I would rate the noise level as quite good. 

There is not a lot of turbulence created by the helmet and it is a good bit quieter than it is behind my windshield. Vents open/ closed do not alter the noise level as much as my Neotec. Other than the noise, I did notice a small level of distortion around the bottom edge of the sunshield that is a minor irritant. the locking visor is easily released with one hand, but the locking mechanism never goes out of sight, even with the visor all the way up. To that end, the chin-bar also remains in view even when raised. As previously mentioned, the chin-bar is easy to use with a solid feel, I would argue better than the original Neotec.

TL:DR- This is a good helmet, for the $5-600 range. The shell and functional bits are well made and very premium feeling, but the plastics and noise level really keep the whole package from feeling like a $700+ helmet should feel (in my opinion). If you can find one like I did for a decent discount, I’d say go for it. If you already have a bluetooth communicator, I’d recommend this helmet. If you are new to the helmet game of planning on purchasing a new communicator anyway, the Neotec 2 may be a better answer. Christoper S, RevZilla customer


Considering the price tag and information stating the sports modular is one of the best helmets on the market I have to whole heartedly disagree. Looks are great, flip front works easily, that’s the positives out the way.

Fit uncomfortably small and tight on one side, sun visor takes a layer of skin off the nose every time it’s fully deployed, and noise…… this is the most disappointing this helmet is noisy – ear plugs are a must!! Visor locking catch fiddly, vents OK nothing special. Save your money go for a Shark as was my previous lid. Rob, SportsBikeShop customer customer



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Retention System

Weight, g


Shell Material

Removable lining

Warranty, years


Drop down sun visor

Anti Fog Visor


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